Subtle Primary Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation

Allergan 410 FM Anatomically Shaped "gummy bear" implants

This Patient is a 22 year old fashion model that desired a fuller but relatively unchanged breast appearance that would present zero stigmata of breast augmentation as this could damage her carreer.   She selected Dr. Rian A. Maercks' unique Transaxillary Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation to achieve these goals.  With this unique technique she gained a natural appearing clevage with the appearance of breast tissue near midline with no separation of the breasts and a softly sloped but full superior pole.  The results have no breast scars and no suggestion of intervention.  She reports that no one knows that she had an augmentation in her industry even when topless and changing and her bookings have increased with lots of comments about whether she lost weigh, grew taller is happy about something but no suspicion of breast augmentation.

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Cold - Subfascial Miami Breast Augmentation

Transaxillary Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation with Allergan Style 10 Low Profile Implants

This patient is a 24 year old woman with the challenging finding of "high and tight" inframammary folds and a very narrow and lateral breast shape.  She is considered high risk for a laterally displaced malposition as well as the dreaded "double bubble deformity."  Dr.Maercks harnessed the power of the Cold-Subfascial technique to control the pocket, expand and round the inferior pole of the breast and create a breast that starts softly near midline and curves gently to create a very natural feminine form with breast contour extending beyond chest wall and disappearing into the pectoral-axillary fold.

Full Primary Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation

Sientra Anatomically Oval Shaped Cohesive "Gummy Bear" Implants

This patient is a 49 year old woman desiring a full but natural appearing breast augmentation.  Dr. Rian A. Maercks performed his unique Transaxillary Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation with a Sientra implant that offers more projection than the routinely used Allergan 410 FM.  She achieved a very full appearance with a very natural draping of her breasts without breast separation or muscle jumping characteristic of submuscular or dual-Plane augmentations.

Breast Augmentation Revision With Change From Dual-Plane to Cold-SubfascialTM

Allergan Style 10 Silicone implants

This patient is a 35 year old woman that was one of Dr. Maercks' Aesthetic Facial Balancing patient that asked for a one year check up at the Maercks Institute after having a dual-plane breast augmentation at a different plastic surgery practice.  On Dr. Maercks evaluation, he explained that her results were very consistent with other dual-plane breast augmentations with the widely spaced, low appearance and a very flat superior pole.  Dr. Maercks explained that most augmented women have this appearance but it is a very unacceptable result from his perspective as Dr. Maercks does not perform dual-plane augmentations and does not deliver such results.  Dr. Maercks performed a Cold-Subfascial Breast revision and delivered very natural appearing appropriately centralized breasts with a beautifully full and sloped superior pole.  This procedure was performed before anatomic implants were reapproved by the FDA and thus round Allergan style 10 low profile implants were used.  This case demonstrates the power of the Cold-Subfascial plane to deliver unparallelled projection and natural slope even when using a low profile round implant.  The results below are at 1.5 years follow up.

Primary Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation

Low Profile Round Allergan Style 10 Silicone Implants

This patient is a 33 year old woman with extensive deflation and mild ptosis of her breasts.  She requested a full and perky lifted appearance without signs of augmentation.  This procedure was before FDA reapproval of form stable anatomically shaped implants therefore Allergan style 10 low profile round implants were placed.  Her result demonstrates the tremendous power of the Cold-Subfascial plane in Dr. Maercks' hands as even with low profile round implants he was able to sculpt a beautifully projection breast with soft natural curves and an elegant draping of her upper pole fullness